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Lakeland Kitchenware

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Magnet Kitchens

Yes, there is a new Kitchen, there is Magnet Kitchens, you can find it at magnet(dot)co(dot)uk. You can find half price sale a t Magnet Kitchen Website. They also offer a kitchen design package, you can choose which one the right for you. Uniquely magnet, purely magnet or essentially magnet with some features.
Magnet kitchen also have a blog, you can keep up to date with they blog, check out the lates in kitchen trend design development and keep up to date with everything new. They offer a newsletter too. Newsletter issued once a month.
So, if you want to know more about magnet kitchen, visit magnet kitchens website.

Restaurant Kitchen Floor

Kitchen is the heart of a restaurant or cafe. So restauran kitchen floor is important thing.
Why restauran kitchen floor so important? Do you ever imagine, if a chef get slip when she is cooking, or waiteress get slip and lay down at kitchen floor when he deliver customer's food, it's fatal error right?
Kitchen floor in many restaurant and cafe, must be anti-slip. Usually, some restaurant owner use a flat rubber plate and put it on the kitchen floor, so that rubber absorb any wet media which can make someone get slip and down.

Virtual Kitchen Designer Tool

If you want to learn more about how efficient or intuitive your kitchen layout, you can use virtual kitchen designer tool. With this tools, you can create, reface, or remodeling your kitchen's layout. This tool very useful! Imagine how frustated you if you get a bad layout for your kitchen after you reface you kitchen layout without planning. With this virtual tools, you can fit in what you want for your kitchen.
You can use Virtual Kitchen Designer Tool easily, you can see other post for tutorial. Even if you're never touch high-tech construction and interior design program such as autocad, 3dsmax or maya.
This tool, will give kitchen remodeling ideas to you, so you're will be a kitchen designer for your own kitchen with that kitchen designer online or software.

Kitchen Design Courses & Classes

Do you ever heard about Kitchen Design Courses or Kitchen Design Classes? After browse some internet pages, now i know what is Kitchen Design Courses and Kitchen Design Classes.
Kitchen Design Courses offered to individual, to a person who like to remodeling kitchen. If you join this courses, after graduate you will get certificate or associate's degree program of kitchen design courses.
No all people can join Kitchen Design Classes, this is a part of a larger degree program in interior design, sometimes with a kitchen and bath concentration. Mean, if you're never take a design class, forget kitchen design classes and join kitchen design courses.
Kitchen Design Courses learn to understand abotu how users interact with the room and how the designer can create a layout tahta is more efficient and intuitive. People who join this courses, also learn basic of kitchen construction, and explain how the task of kitchen design changes between new construction and remodeling project.
So, if you want to be a professional kitchen design, you should take this kitchen design courses.

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Fagor Egg Poacher

Fagor’s 4-cup egg Poacher is crafted from the finest brushed stainless steel with reinforced riveted
It has an aluminum sandwich bottom for even heat distribution, and it will work on all types of cooking
surfaces: gas, electric, ceramic and even induction!*
Ideal for eggs Benedict, these pans poach 4 perfectly shaped eggs at once and, when the egg cup
tray is removed, also serves as a skillet! For easy cleanup, the nonstick cups lift out of the tray with
easy-grip handles so eggs can be served with care. The handle is hollow to stay cool on the stovetop,
and has a notch in the end to facilitate hanging on a pot rack or hook.

Do not use metal or sharp-edged utensils inside the cookware. They might scratch the surface.
Although this cookware is dishwasher safe, we recommend that you remove the unit from the
dishwasher prior to the drying cycle and towel dry so that watermarks are not left on the surface.
Avoid sliding or dragging the pot over the glass surface of your ceramic or induction cooktop, as
scratches may result.
This cookware is intended for household use only.

• Never leave children unattended in the kitchen while food is cooking. Keep small children away
from hot surfaces.
• Never leave an empty piece of cookware on a hot burner. An unattended, empty pot or pan on a hot
burner can get extremely hot, which can cause personal injury and/or property damage.
• Never attempt to use this cookware in a microwave.
• We recommend you use pot holders to move the pan during or after cooking, as the handles might
be hot.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Demeyere Egg Poacher

The perfect poached
Demeyere Cookware Egg Poacher is made of the highest quality stainless steel treated  with Silvinox to improve its appearance and ease of cleaning. 4-pc. set includes removable nonstick cups and inset so the pan can also be used as a saute. All Demeyere egg poacher is oven safe to 600ºF. Safe for all stovetops, it's very effcient when using induction cooking.

Why Should You Buy A Demeyere egg poacher
I ordered Demeyere egg poacher to be able to make loads of great eggs at once. Oftentimes when I make great eggs, I have a few pans of water running, and it in no way feels like I can get enough eggs ready at the same time for everyone to eat their breakfast all together. That demeyere egg poacher seemed such as the ideal answer to cooking greatest eggs for a crowd.

Indesit Gas Cooker Routine Cleaning and Maintenance

Before each operation, disconnect the cooker from the electricity.To assure the long life of the cooker, it must be thoroughly cleaned frequently, keeping in mind that:
· Do not use steam equipment to clean the appliance.
· the enamelled parts and the self-cleaning panels are washed with warm water without using any abrasive powders or corrosive substances which could ruin them;
· the inside of the oven should be  cleaned fairly often while it is still warm using warm water and detergent, followed by careful rinsing and drying;
· the flame spreaders should be washed frequently with hot water and detergent taking care to eliminate any scale;
· in cookers equipped with automatic lighting, the terminal part of the electronic instant lighting devices should be cleaned frequently and the gas outlet holes of the flame spreaders should be checked to make sure they are free of any obstructions;
· Stainless steel may become marked if it comes into contact with very hard water or harsh detergents (containing phosphorous) for long periods of time. After cleaning, it is advisable to rinse thoroughly and dry. It is also recommended to dry any water drops;
Important: periodically check the wear of the gas hose and substitute it if there are any defects; we recommended changing it every year

Replacing the oven lamp
· Unplug the oven from the mains;
· Remove the glass cover of the lamp-holder;
· Remove the lamp and replace with a lamp resistant to high temperatures (300°C) with the following characteristics::
- Voltage 230V
- Wattage 25W
- Type E14
· Replace the glass cover and reconnect the oven to the mains.

Gas tap maintenance
The taps may jam in time or they may become difficult to turn. If so, the tap itself must be replaced.
N.B.: This operation must be performed by a technician authorised by the manufacturer.

Indesit Gas Cooker Cooking Advice

The oven offers a wide range of alternatives which allow you to cook any type of food in the best possible way. With time you will learn to make the best use of this versatile cooking appliance and the following directions are only a guideline which may be varied according to your own personal experience.

Baking cakes
The oven should always be warm before putting in cakes wait till the end of preheating (about 15 min.). Cake-baking temperatures are normally around 160°C. Do not open the oven door during the baking process as this could cause the cake to sink. Beaten cake mixtures should not be too soft as this could considerably lengthen cooking times. In general:
Pastry is too dry : Increase the temperature by 10°C and reduce the cooking time.
Pastry dropped : Use less liquid or lower the temperature by 10°C.
Pastry is too dark on top : Place it on a lower rack, lower the temperature, and increase the cooking time.
Cooked well on the inside but sticky on the outside : Use less liquid, lower the temperature, and increase the cooking time.
The pastry stick to the pan : Grease the pan well and sprinkle it with a dusting of flour.

Cooking fish and meat
Meat must weigh at least one Kg. to stop it becoming too dry. When cooking white meat, fowl and fish use low temperatures. (150°C-175°C). When red meat must be superficially well-cooked but succulent inside, it is advisable to start with a high temperature (200-220°C) for a short time, and then to reduce it at a later point. Generally speaking, the more meat there is, the lower the temperature and the longer the cooking time should be.Place the meat in the centre of the grid and put a spilltray underneath to catch grease drips. Insert the grid so that it is in the middle of the oven. If more heat from below is required, use the 1° bottom shelf. For tastier roasts, wrap the meat with bacon rashers or dot the meat with lard and place it in the upper part of the oven. When some types of food are cooked in the ventilated oven (duck, rabbit, large fowl) they become too dry; in these cases, better results are obtained using the combined oven.

Indesit Gas Cookers Installation

If you have a brand new of indesit gas cookers and do know how to install it, this articles will help you to do that.
The following instructions should be read by a qualified technician to ensure that the appliance is installed, regulated and technically serviced correctly in compliance with current regulations.
Important: remember to unplug the appliance from the mains before regulating the appliance or carrying out any maintenance work.

Important: The hob should never be installed in proximity of a door access. People opening and closing the door could come into contact with pots or pans cooking on the hob.
Important: this unit may be installed and used only in permanently ventilated rooms according to the British Standards Codes Of Practice: B.S. 6172/B.S. 5440, Par. 2 and B.S. 6891 Current Editions. The following requirements must be observed:
a) The cooker should not be installed in a bed sitting room with a volume of less than 20m3 . If it is installed in a room of volume less than 5m3 an air vent of effective area of 110cm2 is required, if it is installed in a room of volume between 5m3 and 10m3 a supplementary airvent area of 50cm2 is required, if the volume exceeds 11m3 no airvent is required. However, if the room has a door or a window which opens directly to the outside no air vent is required even when the volume is between 5m3 and 11m3.
b) During prolonged use of the appliance you may consider it necessary to open a window to the outside to improve ventilation.
c) If there are other fuel burning appliances in the same room, B.S.5440 Part 2 Current Edition, should, be consulted to determine the requisite air vent requirements.
Levelling Your Appliance (only on certain models) 4 support feet which are adjusted using screws are located in the lower part of the cooker. These level off the oven when necessary. It is essential that the cooker be standing level.
Mounting the legs (only on certain models) Press-fit legs are supplied which fit under the base of your cooker.

Installation of the cooker
The cooker is prepared with protection degree against excessive heating of type X, the appliance can therefore be installed next to cabinets, provided the height does not exceed that of the hob. If the cooker is placed touching walls or sides of neighbouring cabinets, these must be capable of withstanding a temperature rise of 50°C above room temperature. For a correct installation of the cooker the following precautions must be followed:
a) The cooker may be located in a kitchen, a kitonen/diner or bed sitting room, but not in a bathroom or shower room.
b) The furniture units next to the cooker, that is higher than the working boards, must be placed at least 600mm from the edge of the board. Curtains must not be fitted immediately behind the cooker or within 600mm. of the sides of the cooker.
c) The hoods must be installed according to the requirements in the hood handbook.
d) Wall cabinets may be fitted in line with the sides of the base units, providing that the lower edge of the wall cabinet is a minimum of 420 mm. above the worktop. The minimum distance combustible material kitchen units can be fitted directly above the worktop is 700 mm
e) The wall in contact with the back of the cooker must be of flameproof material.
f) The cooker is fitted with a safety chain that must be attached to a hook, secured to the wall behind the appliance.
Note: some models can have their gas connection inverted. It is important to make sure the safety chain is always situated on the side which corresponds to the hose holder.

Gas connection
The cooker should be connected to the gas-supply by a corgi registered installer. During installation of this product it is essential to fit an approved gas tap to isolate the supply from the appliance for the convenience of any subsequent removal or servicing. Connection of the appliance to the gas mains or liquid gas must be carried out according to the prescribed regulation in force, and only after it is ascertained that it is adaptable to the type of gas to be used. If not, follow the instructions indicated in the paragraph headed “Adaptation to different gas types”. On some models the gas supply can be connected on the left or on the right, as necessary; to change the connection, reverse the position of the hose holder with that of the cap and replace the gasket (supplied with the appliance). In the case of connection to liquid gas, by tank, use pressure regulators that conform to the regulation in force. The gas supply must be connected to the left of the appliance. Be sure that the hose does not pass through the rear of the cooker touching hot parts.
Important: make sure the supply pressure conforms with the values shown in the table entitled “Caracteristics of the burners and nozzles”. When the cooker is installed between cabinets (recessed), the gas connection must be effected by an approved flexible hose with bayonet fitting (BS 669 Current Edition). The gas inlet for the cookers is a threaded G 1/2 gas female fitting.

Connecting the gas supply
To make the connection, a flexible hose should be used corresponding to the current gas regulations which are:
• the hose must never be at any point in its lenght in contact with the “hot” parts of the cooker;
• the hose must never be longer than 1,5 metre;
• the hose must not be subject to any tension or torsional stress and it must not have any excessively narrow curves or bottlenecks;
• the hose must be easy to inspect along its entire length to check its condition;
• the hose must always be in good condition, never attempt to repair.
Important: the installation must comply with gas safety (installation and use) regulations 1984. In all cases for the above, by low, a qualified, corgi approved engineer must be called for installation.

Electrial connection
Power supply voltage and frequency: 220-240V a.c. 50/60 Hz.
Note: the supply cable must be positioned so that it never reaches at any point a temperature 50°C higher than the room temperature. The cable must be routed away from the rear vents. Should you require it, you may use a longer cable, however, you must ensure that the cable supplied with the appliance is replaced by one of the same specifications in accordance with current standards and legislation. Your appliance is supplied with a 13 amp fused plug that can be plugged into a 13 amp socket for immediate use. Before using the appliance please read the instructions below. WARNING - THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE EARTHED. THE FOLLOWING OPERATIONS SHOULD BE CARRIED OUT BY A QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN.

Replacing the fuse:
When replacing a faulty fuse, a 13 amp ASTA approved fuse to BS 1362 should always be used, and the fuse cover refitted. If the fuse cover is lost, the plug must not be used until a replacement is obtained.

Replacement fuse covers:
If a replacement fuse cover is fitted, it must be of the correct colour as indicated by the coloured marking or the colour that is embossed in words on the base of the plug. Replacements can be obtained directly from your nearest Service Depot.

Removing the plug:
If your appliance has a non-rewireable moulded plug and you should wish to remove it to add a cable extension or to re-route the mains cable through partitions, units etc., please ensure that either:
• the plug is replaced by a fused 13 amp re-wireable plug bearing the BSI mark of approval.
• the mains cable is wired directly into a 13 amp cable outlet, controlled by a switch, (in compliance with BS 5733) which is accessible without moving the appliance.
Please note: for appliances with a rating greater than 13 amp (eg: electric hob, double ovens and freestanding electric cookers etc.) the mains cable must be wired into a cooker output point with a rating of 45 amp. In this case the cable is not supplied.

Disposing of the appliance
When disposing of the appliance please remove the plug by cutting the mains cable as close as possible to the plug body and dispose of it as described above.

Adapting the cooker to different types of gas
In order to adapt the cooker to a different type of gas with respect to the gas for which it was produced (indicated on the label attached to the lid), follow these steps:
a) Replacing the burner nozzles on the hob:
• remove the grids and slide the burners from their housings;
• unscrew the nozzles using a 7 mm socket spanner, and replace them with nozzles for the new type of gas.
•replace all the components by repeating the steps in reverse order.
b) Minimum regulation of the hob burners:
• turn the tap to minimum;
•remove the knob and adjust the regulation screw, which is positioned in or next to the tap pin, until the flame is small but steady.
N.B.: in the case of liquid gas, the regulation screw must be screwed in to the bottom.
•check that the flame does not turn off when you turn the tap quickly from high to low.
c) Regulating the primary air of the burners: The primary air of the burners requires no regulation.

Adapting to different types of gas
In order to adapt the oven to a different type of gas with respect to the gas for which it was manufactured (indicated on the label), follow these simple steps:
a) Replacing the oven burner nozzle
· open the oven door fully
· pull out the sliding oven bottom
· unscrew the burner fastening screws
· remove screw “V” and then the oven burner;
· Unscrew the oven burner nozzle using the special socket spanner for the nozzles, or a 7 mm socket spanner, and replace it with a nozzle suited to the new type of gas.
· Replace all the parts, following the steps described above in the reverse order.
b) Minimum regulation of the gas oven burner with thermostat:
•light the burner as described in the paragraph “the oven knob” of the instruction booklet.
•turn the knob to Max for about 10 minutes and then turn the knob to the Min setting;
•remove the knob;
•regulate the screw positioned outside the thermostat pin until the flame is small but steady.
N.B.: in the case of liquid gas, the regulation screw must be screwed in to the bottom.
•check that the burner does not turn off when you turn the knob from Max to Min and and when you open and close the oven door quickly.

Benefit of Stainless Steel Citrus Juicer

1. Cover: Activates ‘Fast Spin’ feature that removes juice from pulp, and acts as a dust cover when not in use. Cover is dishwasher safe.
2. Juicing Cone with Sieve: Larger cone allows you to juice a variety of fruits. Sieve allows the juice to pass through the pulp.
3. Juice Container: Angled container allows juice to flow directly into a glass or container.
4. Drip Spout: Choose the open or closed position by pushing down or up on the spout.
5. Motor Base: Sturdy motor base virtually eliminates the risk of the juicer “walking” on your counter while in use.
6. Cord Storage: Keeps counter tops safe and neat by conveniently wrapping excess cord under unit.

Tips Stainless Steel Citrus Juicer

Choose fresh fruit that is firm, not soft – it will yield more juice.
Always wash citrus fruit before juicing to remove pesticides and residues from handling.
Room temperature fruit will yield more juice than refrigerated fruit.
Roll fruits on the counter top with the palm of your hand a few times to increase juice yield.
Remove all seeds, but leave in pulp when using juice in baking – it will add flavor. If a recipe calls for citrus “zest”, remove zest prior to juicing.
Freeze leftover juice in measured “juice cubes”, using ice cube trays. Thaw to use.
Choose oranges, lemons and limes with smooth, brightly colored skin. The best are firm, plump and heavy for their size.
Small brown areas on the skin (“scald”spots) will not affect flavor or juiciness.
Avoid lemons/limes with hard or shriveled skin.
Lemon and lime juice can be used inter-changeably in most recipes (margaritas are an exception).
Grapefruits should have thin, finely textured, brightly colored skin and firm yet springy to palm texture. The thinner the skin, the more juice.
Hollow skins that remain after juicing citrus fruit are nice containers for desserts such as sorbets.
“Sweet” oranges make the best juice, but you can make orange juice from any type of orange. “Sweet” oranges include both “juice” oranges and navel oranges.  Navel oranges are identifiable by their prominent “navel” – their thick skins are much easier to peel, and are generally seed-less. “Juice” oranges have thinner skins, and often are chock full of seeds. Juice from pink grapefruit contains more vitamin A than from white grapefruit.

Stainless Steel Citrus Juicer

Stainless Steel Citrus Juicer from Cuisinart.

OPERATION of Stainless Steel Citrus Juicer
1. Place stainless steel citrus juicer on a clean, dry counter.
2. Remove cover.
3. Place a glass or container under 2-cup measure and no higher than 5 3/8" under the spout.
4. Make sure spout is in the open position.
5. Slice fruit horizontally.
6. Place center of citrus fruit on the center of the juicing cone. For large and small citrus fruits, place palm of hand over the fruit.
7. Press fruit against cone by using firm steady pressure to activate juicing mechanism.
8. If you remove the pressure, reamer may reverse direction once pressure is reapplied – this is normal and provides more even, effective juicing. Squeezing the fruit while pressing down on the cone will extract more juice.
9. Once you feel the ribs of the cone through the citrus rind, remove from cone and repeat steps 5-7.
10. After approximately 1 lb. of fruit has been juiced, the sieve will appear to be full.
11. Remove rind from cone and place cover on top of stainless stell citrus juicer unit. Press down on cover to activate the ‘Fast-Spin’ feature. This will remove the remaining juice from the pulp and juice container.
12. Once the juice slows to a drip, release pressure to stop the ‘Fast-Spin’feature.
13. Place drip spout in the closed position and remove cup.
14. Remove cover and cone and empty pulp from sieve. 
15. Rinse cone and repeat steps 5-12 until you have the desired amount of juice.

Always unplug your Cuisinart Stainless Steel Citrus Juicer from the electrical outlet before cleaning. 
Rinse juice container, cone and cover before placing on the top shelf of the dishwasher. 
Wipe stainless steel housing with a damp cloth (such as a micro-fiber cloth). 
DO NOT immerse in water
Wrap cord using the cord wrap feature located underneath the Stainless steel citrus juicer unit.
Place clean juice container, cone and cover back on Stainless steel citrus juicer unit.

Citrus juice is an excellent source of vitamin C, but the juice begins to lose its vitamin power after squeezing. Fresh citrus juice loses 20% of its vitamin C potency within 24 hours.  The best juice is “just squeezed”. There is no comparison between the flavor of fresh lemon and lime juices and their purchased refrigerated or frozen counterparts.  Fresh juice has significantly more flavor than the purchased juices and will make your finished recipes more flavorful.

Jack La Lanne's Troubleshooting

This post about Troubleshooting of Jack La Lanne's Power Juicer

Problem : The motor does not run after being switched on
• Check to see if unit is plugged in.
• Locking bar is not locked in place properly.
• Check if all parts are assembled properly.
• Check if there is any residue left between blade and receptacle.
• Check to see if food is stuck to the bottom of the pusher.

Problem : The motor is running with loud noise and shaking
• Check that all parts are assembled properly and in the correct position.
• Juicing overripe fruit may result in too much pulp and will clog the filter. Turn machine off and clean the filter.

Problem : The motor is running. The spout is in the downward position, but no juice is coming out.
• Turn the power off and unplug the machine. Wait for blade to stop spinning. Use a toothpick to loosen any obstruction in the non-drip spout

Problem : The motor overheats causing the power to automatically shut off.
• The motor needs to warm up for 10 seconds
before use.
• The fruits and vegetables may be soft or overripe.
• There may be too much pulp in the filter. Turn machine off and clean the filter.
• Motor stops running due to the built-in feature, the overheat safety control.

Problem : Juice splashes from the rim of the receptacle
• This is normal situation.

Cleaning Power Juicer

This instruction for Cleaning your Jack La Lanne's Power Juicer :
• Turn off the power switch and wait until the motor completely stops.
• With dry hands, unplug the power cord from electrical outlet.
• Disassemble the machine. (See disassembly instructions.)
• Wipe base with a soft damp cloth or sponge. Do not submerge base in water. Do not spray with water or any other liquid. Base is not dishwasher safe.
• We recommend washing the pusher by hand in warm soapy water. Due to temperature differences in dishwashers if you choose to wash the pusher in the dishwasher, place it on top rack only.
• Clean all other parts in warm, soapy water. A mild detergent is recommended. Rinse well and dry thoroughly. All components are dishwasher safe with the exception of the base. Do not use in European Import or a commercial dishwasher.
• To clean the filter and blade, hold them under warm running water. Use a soft-bristled dish washing brush gently to completely clean pulp from filter. Rinse the filter from the outside under running water.
• Dry components thoroughly then assemble the machine and turn the power on to spin out any excess water.
• Make sure unit and parts are completely dry then store in a cool, dry place.

Disassembly Jack La Lanne's Power Juicer

How to disassembly Jack La Lanne's Power Juicer :
IMPORTANT: Before disassembling the unit make sure you turn the power OFF and unplug the machine from the electrical outlet.
Step 1
Remove pusher from the chute.
Step 2
Lower the locking bar (silver) into position as shown.
Step 3
Remove lid with pulp guard, and pulp collector.
Step 4
Use the crescent tool (orange) to remove the blade. Place the two pegs at either end of the crescent tool into the two holes on the blade, press down and turn counter-clockwise to unlock the blade. Remove blade carefully.
Step 5
Remove filter.
Step 6
Remove receptacle from base.

Assembly Jack La Lanne's Power Juicer

How to assembly Jack La Lanne's Power Juicer :
Step 1
Place base on a dry flat surface with locking bar in down position as shown. In front of the machine (spout side).
Step 2
Place receptacle on the base, with juicer spout facing direction of locking bar. Settle receptacle into alignment.
Step 3
Place filter inside receptacle, matching the opening on its bottom to the screw peg connected to the base.
Step 4
Place blade inside filter, centered over screw peg. Using orange crescent tool, place its pegs into the holes in the blade and turn clockwise until tightened.
IMPORTANT: Do not over tighten as the screw peg will break. Remove crescent tool and set aside.
CAUTION: Do not leave tool inside juicer.
Step 5
Place lid with built-in pulp guard attached on top of receptacle, making certain it is snugly aligned with the pulp guard facing in the opposite direction of the juice spout. Lock lid into place by lifting locking bar up until it clicks into grooves located on both sides of the lid. Make sure locking bar is in the full upright, locked position.
IMPORTANT: The unit will not start until this bar is properly locked in place.
Step 6
Insert pusher into chute. Always use pusher to feed fruits and vegetables into unit. Push gently, never force. The blade will do the work.

Jack La Lanne's Power Juicer Instruction Manual

Power Juicer Instruction Manual

Article below taken from Jack La Lanne's Power Juicer Operating Manual, if you need pdf files of this Jack La Lanne's Power Juicer Instruction Manual, you can download it at:

When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should always be followed including the following:
• NOT FOR USE BY CHILDREN! Keep out of the reach of children to avoid injury. This appliance is not a toy.
• Consult your physician before giving fresh juice to children, especially infants.
• Be sure to turn to OFF position after each use of your juicer
• Make sure the lid is attached properly and securely locked before operating the Power Juicer.
• Do not unfasten the locking bar during operation.
• To avoid risk of injury keep hands and utensils out of the juicer and away from its sharp blade during operation.
• Use the pusher, not fingers or utensils, to propel the food into the juicer.
• Should food become lodged in the opening use pusher to push it down. If food remains stuck, turn the power off, wait until motor stops, unit shuts down completely, and is unplugged before disassembling the juicer and removing the blocked food.
• Make sure the motor stops completely and the unit is unplugged from the electrical  outlet before cleaning, putting on or removing parts.
• To protect against risk of electrical shock or injury, never immerse power cord,  plug, or main unit in water, or other liquids.
• If juicer stops due to improper operation or if there is excessive noise, turn power off, wait for blade to stop spinning, unplug from electrical outlet, disassemble and clean all components then reassemble machine.
• Do not use outdoors.
• Do not operate this or any appliance with a damaged cord or plug.
• Do not operate if appliance malfunctions, is dropped or damaged in any manner.  Let a qualified appliance repair person examine and or repair appliance before using.
• To avoid electric shock or serious injury do not use any attachments that were not recommended or sold by the manufacturer.
• Do not let power cord hang over the edge of table, counter, or let cord touch  hot surfaces such as stoves.
• To reduce the risk of injury, never place blade on base without properly assembling the unit.
• This appliance has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other). Toreduce the risk of electric shock, this plug will fit in a polarized outlet only one way. If the plug does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician. Do not modify or force the plug in any way.
• The motor will not run if unit is not properly assembled. The motor has a built-in safety feature that will not let the power turn on unless the locking bar is locked in place.

The Power Juicer has a thermal cut-off safety feature. If the unit accidentally overheats, it will stop working temporarily until the Power Juicer cools down. Afterwards, the unit will continue to work again normally. In the event the Power Juicer is jammed the motor may shut down. If this occurs the juicer should be shut off and unplugged. The unit should be thoroughly cleaned to remove the obstruction. The thermal cut-off safety feature is designed to shut off the motor when it over heats. Please use extreme caution when handling the Power Juicer blade as the blades are very sharp. Always turn power off to the Power Juicer immediately and remove power cord from electrical outlet before disassembling to clean due to any food obstruction.

Use caution when handling blade as blades are very sharp. If juicer jams turn power off immediately and remove power cord from electrical outlet before disassembling to clean. The Power Juicer has a thermal cut-off safety feature. If the unit accidentally overheats,it will stop working temporarily until the Power Juicer cools down. Clear any obstruction. Afterwards,the unit will continue to work again normally.

Obtain the best results from your Jack LaLanne Power Juicer by following these helpful hints.
• Do not put any fruit or vegetables in your machine until power is turned on.
• Allow unit to run for at least 10 seconds before juicing.
• Do not force food into the juicer. Allow food to pass through slowly and steadily using the pusher. You do not need to apply pressure unless the juicer starts to vibrate. Then only a slightly harder push should bring it back to balance.
• Any fruit or vegetable that will fit the chute can be put through whole. The only time it is necessary to cut is when something is too large. Then it should be cut into large enough pieces to fit in the chute. Do not cut pieces too small.
• Remove large pits such as peach, mango, etc. as they will damage the blade and possibly the unit. Before juicing cherries we recommend you remove the pits using a cherry pitter.
• Cleaning can be made easy by placing a plastic bag inside the pulp collector container. When you are done juicing, the bag can be lifted out and disposed of easily leaving the pulp collector easier to clean.
• Let the Power Juicer run for a few minutes before turning off to allow any excess juice to be extracted from the pulp. Once turned off it is quite normal for the juicer to spin for a minute or so due to the very fine precision balancing of this appliance. Wait until it is done spinning before disassembling.
• Do not use bananas or avocados as they do not contain juice and will clog machine. Add them separately in a blender.
• We do not recommend using overripe fruit as it will leave too much pulp in the filter and clog the machine.
• Do not pour liquids into the machine at any time.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Osterizer Classic Blender

The Contemporary Classics Osterizer blender represents a tradition that we’re proud to have bear our name. This classic design is a symbol of excellence and quality. We’re sure you’ll enjoy its versatility and ease of use which will save you time and energy in food preparation.

In the Osterizer Classic Blender you will find :
Feeder Cap, doubles as measuring cup. Lets you add foods while blending.
Blender Container, holds 5 cups (1.25L). Helps users estimate measures.
Lug, contacts stop to prevent turning.
Sealing Ring, seals jar and agitator blade assembly.
Agitator Blades, create blending action.
Container Bottom, holds container assembly together and positions container assembly on motor base.
Stop, keeps container from turning in base.
Motor Base, has a powerful two-speed motor that is the heart of the appliance. To maximize this unit's efficiency, only use the recommended processing amount identifiend in the instruction manual.

Important safeguards for osterizer classic blender
Read all instruction. To avoid risk of shock, do not put motor base of osterizer classic blender in water or other liquid. Supervise children closely when they use or are nearby appliances. Always use osterizer classice blender on a clean, flat, hard, dry surface. There should be no material such as a tablecloth or plastic between unit and surface. Unplug applice, when not in use, before putting on or taking off parts, or before cleaning the osterizer classic blender. Don't touch moving parts. Keep hand and utensils out of container while blending to reduce the risk of, the possibility of severe personal injury, damage the osterizer classic blender. If scraping is necessary, turn the unit off and use a rubber spatula only. Do not use appliance, with a damage cord or plug, after the unit fails to work correctly, after you drop or damage unit in any way. Return to nearest sunbeam-oster household product authorized independent service center for safety check, adjustment, or repair. Blades of osterizer classic blender are sharp. Handle them carefully.
To reduce the risk of injury, don't leave agitator blades exposed and always assemble blades to container before putting on base. Always put cover on container before operating osterizer classic blender. Never put boiling liquids in blender container. When blending hot liquids, remove feeder cap from the two-piece cover to allow steam to escape. Do not blend hot liquid in "mini-blend" jars. Don't use osterizer classic blender outdoors. Don't let cord, hang over edge of table or counter or touch hot surface. Never leave appliamce unattended while it is running. You risk personal injury if you use attachments, containers, including canning or ordinary jars, or parts other than those recommended by osterizer classic blender.

Commercial Smoothie Blender

If you want to make a smoothie fruit, of course you need a blender with smoothie features.
Delicious nutrition is as close as commercial smoothie blender. From smoothies and icy drinks to shakes, it's the easy way to make a nutritional treat. Place ingredients in the jar and press the on/pulse button to maximize blending. Two 12 oz. blender jars with lids provide flexibility of satisfying different tastes and mobility to drink on the go. The travel lid makes it easy to drink from the jar which fits in most car drink holders.
With smoothie consumption expected to rise over 60% through 2012, consumers can create their own healthy, budget-friendly drink with commercial smoothie blender. Year round availability of fresh fruits and vegetables makes it more convenient than ever to make a smoothie or frozen drink with commercial smoothie blender. As part of healthy lifestyle, smoothies are often used as meal replacement, and this commercial smoothie blender is designed to fit into busy lives.
Skip cleaning a large, 40-48 oz. jar for one drink. The 12 oz. commercial smoothie blender saves valuable time cleanup is quicker and easier. Compact size and convenient cord wrap make the commercial smoothie blender easy to store and the perfect size for the busy mobile lifestyle.

The key features of commercial smoothie blender :
Smoothies and more, create healthy, budget-friendly drinks. From smoothies and icy drinks to shakes, the on/pulse button maximizes control while blending.
Convenience, take drinks to go. Comes with two 12 oz. blender jar and two lids. Travel lid makes drinking from the jar easy. Jar fits in most car drink holders.
Easy Cleaning, skip cleaning a large blender jar for just one serving. A 12 oz. jar makes cleanup quick and easy.
Easy Storage, compact size and convenient cord wrap make storage easy.

So, smoothie commercial blender fits for you?

Braun Multiquick Professional Hand Blender

Braun Multiquick Professional Hand Blender

Multiquick Hand Blender, with Braun Multiquick Professional Hand Blender you have a versatile, effortless and indispensable kitchen helper at your service. Blend, chop, whip, slice, shred and even knead - with just one tool. So, if you thought a braun multiquick professional hand blender was only good for making milk shakes, baby food, soup, and other quick jobs, you'll be surprised how much else it will do to help you get some really great ideas on your table. The Braun Multiquick Professional Hand Blender is the ideal tool to enable you to creat every dish you love with ease. Look for the different models of Braun Multiquick Professional Hand Blender and just try one.

Braun Multiquick 7 Cordless Hand Blender.
The powerful Braun Multiquick 7 Cordless is the most effortless way to prepare food. It simplifies the home cooking routine so you can spend more time with your family. Discover effortless preparation with the new and stylish Braun Multiquick 7 Cordless. With its handle ergonomics and choice of chopper accessories, creating your favorite recipes as never been easier.
Be free from constraints and reel in your creativity with Braun Professional Hand Blender. New cordless hand blender, an indispensible, cordless product that bring lightness to everyday through its versatility, simplicity, and celebrated German design and engineering. The easy to use Braun Professional Hand Blender Multiquick 7 Cordless rounds up the Braun Multiquick family and is a great addition to any kitchen, turning your daily chores into effortless food creation.
Braun Multiquick 7 Cordless, with cordless operation with no cords to get in the way, the multiquick 7 cordless provides the freedom to process food anywhere even directly on the stove or outdoors. And being cordless doesn't mean that you're compromising on performance. Indeed no other cordless hand blender is more powerful.
The 1000ml chopper accessory is a true 3 in 1 concept. Whether you are looking to process though ingredients, want to prepare a milkshake or crush ice for your cocktails, you only need one tool. The cordless hand processor's advanced technology ensure the longest life for the rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries.
The Braun designers have incorporated features that will make all the difference in the kitchen. The new multiquick 7 cordless hand blender can be operated effortlessly with one hand thanks to its innovative switch concept, with handle shape and ergonomics. The Multiquick 7 Cordless combines ultra hard blades, a unique blending bell shape and an advanced motor technology to ensure you get the best blending results. The fine, even blending is even better than leading corded competitors.
The 500ml chopper accessory is perfect for chopping herbs, onions, garlic or chillies finely. It also chops meat, hard cheese, nuts, frozen chocolate etc. within seconds. All our models come with a charging unit you can use to both store & recharge your handblender. The 730cm model comes with a practical wall mounting charger. The 730cc and 740cc models will allow you to recharge your blender in style with their standing charging units.

Braun Multiquick 7 Hand Blender.
Multiquick 7 hand blender - easily create soups, sauces and more. Everyday your family really depends on you. So it is reassuring to know, there is something you can always lean on. The Braun Multiquick 7 hand blender. Multi-tested. Multi-guaranteed.
The uniquely designed Multiquick 7 hand blender is Braun's premium kitchen tool within the Multiquick family. Making the most of good value raw ingredients and delivering excellent results the Braun Multiquick 7 hand blender will make all that difference in the kitchen. You can rely on it day by day to create the variety of dishes your family will enjoy.
Before it reaches the kitchen, the stylish hand blender Braun Multiquick 7 passed through over 100 quality tests which Braun has finely honed through the years to ensure that each and every Braun product is able to perform task after task; blending, chopping, mixing and pureeing, day after day and year after year.
The full metal shaft provides ultimate performance for pureeing smoothies, soup, sauces, milkshakes or dips. Its unique anti-splashing design ensures minimum mess and maximum results. Patented, uniquely shaped and ultra hard knives deliver finer results within seconds, task after task, for many years. The Multiquick 7 hand blender truly is a product to lean on. It offers ultimate 600 Watt power and Turbo boost for fastest and finest food processing results.
The chopper attachment* can handle large quantities of ingredients such as cheese, meat, vegetables, or soft foods such as sauces or light dough. On high speed the chopper bowl is perfect for chopping herbs, onions, garlic, chillies, nuts or frozen chocolate finely and within seconds. The Multiquick 7 hand blender can be operated effortlessly with one hand from speeds 1-15 plus turbo function, perfect for the kitchen multi-tasker. Its silver metallic buttons ensure more usage comfort due to more direct haptic feedback when pressing the button.
The uniquely designed Multiquick 7 hand blender is something you can always lean on. Making the most of good value raw ingredients and delivering excellent results the new Braun Multiquick 7 hand blender will make all that difference in the kitchen. You can rely on it day by day to create the variety of dishes your family will enjoy.

Multiquick 5 hand blender
The Multiquick 5 hand blender has been designed to help with all your daily cooking rituals, without taking over your kitchen helping you prepare healthy food effortlessly. Equipped with all the functions of a larger food processing machine in a hand blender sized package, it takes up minimal kitchen space for maximum taste return. It's easy and intuitive to use, easy to assemble, disassemble and clean. A new favourite for all your favourites
The Multiquick 5 hand blender includes for the first time ever a powerful kneading hook able to process even heavy dough in less than one minute. Delighting those you love every day has never been easier, courtesy of a little help from Braun Multiquick Professional Hand Blender.
Do you love creating milk shakes, blending your own fresh baby food or pureeing a soup comfortably in the pot? The stainless steel blender shaft gives you best tested results in seconds. And its unique anti-splashing design ensures spotless kitchen fun. Meat, hard cheese, nuts, carrots etc. are chopped within seconds. The mid size chopper (500 ml) is best for regular quantities. Ice cubes can be crushed in comfort using the unique stainless steel ice crusher insert in the large BC chopper (1000 ml). It also chops bigger quantities of meat, cheese, nuts, etc. and is excellent for mixing delicious drinks. Wonderfully even slices are provided with the cutter insert in the multifunctional attachment. It is as versatile as a real food processor. Even up to 700g of meat or half a kilo of hard Parmesan are grinded in a jiffy in the extra-large jug.
Even heavy dough for bread, pasta, cakes and pies is prepared in less than a minute with the powerful kneading hook of the multifunctional attachment. It has been independently proven to knead as evenly as working dough by hand. Beating egg white, whipping cream and preparing fluffy desserts, sponge cake or egg dishes is easily done with the stainless steel whisk just like using a hand mixer. Best results are ensured using the ultra low speed setting. Chopping herbs or onions was never as easy and tearless. For small amounts of food the Small HC chopper (350 ml) is best. Fruit and vegetables are brought into perfect - coarse or fine - shape using the shredding insert in the multifunctional attachment. Your fresh salad will be ready in seconds effortlessly. You can cut delicate triangular, flat or rectangular julienne sticks like a gourmet chef using the Julienne insert in the multifunctional attachment. The sticks don't only look superb, but also have that super-fine flavor. You can store your food fresh and tasty in versatile fresh ware containers (3,1L, 0,9L, 0,6L). Braun's revolutionary fresh system extracts and keeps air out maintaining the freshness and goodness of your food longer than without vacuum preservation.
With its 600 Watt power, 15 speeds and unique turbo function, the Braun Multiquick 5 will perform all the tasks required to prepare your signature dishes, from blending tasty soups or sauces, chopping herbs, slicing or shredding vegetables for colourful salads, whisking egg whites to even kneading doughs ... - the possibilities are endless and the menu exiciting.
New: Braun's first ever professional hand blenders with a kneading attachment, powerful enough to knead even heavy dough in less than a minute.

Multiquick 3 hand blender - your shortcut to great cooking
The Multiquick 3 hand blender is your daily advantage in the kitchen chopping and preparing almost any ingredient you may need.
450* watts and two speeds secure best results depending on the food preparation task:
Speed 1 is ideal for operating the stainless steel whisk, e.g. when beating egg whites oder whipping ready-made desserts.
Speed 2 gives fast and fine results, e.g. when chopping garlic or preparing parmesan cheese.
The Braun Multiquick 3 hand blender is your daily advantage in the kitchen. With its 450* watts of power and two speeds it is powerful enough to chop almost any ingredient you may need. The unique anti-splashing blender shaft helps controlling the power and ensures that the food stays in the bowl.
Do you love creating milk shakes, blending your own fresh baby food or pureeing a soup comfortably in the pot? The blender shaft gives you best tested results in seconds. And its unique anti-splashing design ensures spotless kitchen fun.
Smaller amouts of meat, hard cheese, nuts etc. are chopped in seconds using the Small HC chopper (350 ml). The sharp cutter insert creates perfectly even results.
Beating egg white, whipping cream and preparing fluffy desserts, sponge cake or egg dishes is easily done with the stainless steel whisk just like using a hand mixer. Speed 1 will give you the best results.
Chopping herbs or onions was never so easy and tearless. And so is thrilling your guests with a tasty pesto, for example, prepared with the Small HC chopper.
The Multiquick 3 hand blender comes with a high speed chopper. Ideal for all kind of herbs, meat, parmesan and nuts. It is also available with a whisk which makes it possible to beat egg white, whip cream or prepare ready-mix-desserts.

You can serve and make any dishes easy and fast with Braun Multiquick Professional Hand Blender

Cordless Electric Kettle

Cordless Electric Kettle combines all of the comforts of the kettle on the stove with the convenience of today's newest technology. The elegant stainless steel finish of cordless electric kettle makes it a lovely addition to any table.

Cordless Electric Kettle is remarkably simple to operate and maintain because it has been manufactured according to the strictest design and quality spesifications. We would, however, suggest that you read the instructional material provided with this product to completely familiarize yourself with cordless electric kettle use and care.

Your Cordless Electric Kettle may quickly become one of the most useful and utilized appliances in your kitchen. The cordless electric kettle makes the simple task of boiling water easier, faster and more energy efficient. Water comes to a boil very quickly, often faster than on the stovetop. Once it reaches a boil, cordless electric kettle shuts itself off.
The most traditional use for a cordless electric kettle is making tea. Your cordless electric kettle will be a fast and convenient way to make your cup of tea.
Whether using tea bags or loose tea, buy the best you can. The flavor will only be as good as the quality of the tea. Tea tastes best when made in a ceramic pot or cup. For the best result, use your cordless electric kettle following instruction on, as well as the following tips:
Fill cordless electric kettle with fresh, cold water and then place an infuser with loose tea or tea bags in your ceramic pot or cup. Wait for cordless electric kettle to click off, and immediately pour the boiling water onto the tea. The tea should be allowed to steep for 3 or 5 minutes. The longer it steeps, the stronger it is. For iced tea, brew tea double-strength (steep twice as long) and pour over ice. Stir and serve as desired.

With cordless electric kettle, you can make all your favourite hot beverages and much more such as : tea, instant coffee, hot chocolate, flavored coffee drinks, hot cereal and oatmeal, soups, noodles, rice, pasta.

Some brand of cordless electric kettle should operate the cordless electric kettle 2 or 3 times to remove any dust or residues remaining from the manufacturing process.
Before using your cordless electric kettle for the first time you should following the instructions below.
Boiling Water with your cordless electric kettle.
Remove the lid, place your cordless electric kettle with the spout facing away from you. Gently lift off the lid. Then, fill the cordless electric kettle with as much fresh, cold water as you will need. The maximum water level is indicated inside the kettle and is marked by the word "max". Close the lid position of cordless electric kettle with spout facing away from you. Replace lid on cordless electric kettle. Place your cordless electric kettle on power base so the element on the bottom of the cordless electric kettle sits securely on the power base. Depress the power "on" switch by gently pushing down until a "click" is heared. When the water has boiled, the cordless electric kettle will automatically switch "off". You can also manually turn off your cordless electric kettle any time you want by simply lifting the kettle of the base. Pour water out slowly. Return cordless electric kettle to base after pouring. If you wish to reboil the water, you must depress the power "on" button again.

Always use fresh, cold water for each boiling, if the cordless electric kettle is accidentally switched "on" without a sufficient water level, a boil-dry mechanism will automatically switch the cordless electric kettle "off".
Empty cordless electric kettle after each use. Do not leave water standing in the cordless electric kettle.

Article's source = Cordless Electric Kettle